If there's someone out there that loves a fake tan then that's me and these are the tools I use to achieve a streak-free, flawless tan. 

As the weather gets colder and colder and the sunny days are far from reality my lips are the first to suffer the winter months. Here are my top picks to help soften and nourish them. 

Do you know the game where I say a word and you say the first relevant word that comes to mind? Let’s do it. Here’s mine - Body Shaming. Quick, say it. A word. Fat. Wait, what? OMG, fat?! Who would ever use a word like that to describe someone.

Not many brands have achieved to create products as iconic as Estée Lauder. From the timeless pale blue box that Mrs Lauder designed with the mindset it would match the bathroom tiles used back then, to the revolutionary serum that changed the way we see skincare today.

Oh, hello there! It’s been a while since I last sat down and wrote to you guys but here I am.

Since this is the first post of the new year I thought I’d share with you my New Year’s Resolution.

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